Advanced Consulting Inc manages your company’s risk at a lower overall cost while preserving your company’s structure, goals, and focus.

Available Services

Actuarial Risk Assessment

Coordination of Legal Advisors

Claims Audits and File Reviews

We design and implement audit sheets to fit the particular requirements and goals of your company. We also oversee file reviews conducted by your TPA or carrier to ensure appropriate plans of action are developed and implemented in a timely manner.

Disability Management

By actively managing the disability status of your employees, you can not only reduce costs and improve morale but also minimize legal issues and increase productivity. We will assist you in putting together a program that will fit your disability management needs.

Expedited Settlement and Claims Resolution Programs

We facilitate and expedite meetings with all appropriate parties including your staff, claims team, structured settlement vendors, attorneys, et al, to mitigate losses and close files.

Human Resources Consulting

Assistance with human resource issues as they relate to workers’ compensation laws and risk management issues.

Job Task Analysis

IME, Peer Review, and Labor Market Survey Vetting and Vendor Selection

Occupational and Environmental Health Advisory

We will assist you with a wide range of occupational medical services including pre-employment services, physical exams, drug screening and functional assessments.

Performance Guarantee and Incentive Programs

In today’s competitive market employers are looking for TPA or carriers who can handle files within legal requirements while minimizing expenses. We help develop and implement performance guarantees and incentive programs which reward the TPA or carrier for accomplishing these tasks in a superior fashion.

Once these programs are implemented, we assist your company in monitoring the TPA or carrier to ensure that they are adhering to the requirements.

Return-to-Work and Stay-at-Work Programs

Minimizing or reducing lost work time is one of the actions your company can take to most significantly impact the outcome and cost of a claim.

We assist our clients in implementing a return-to-work or stay-at-work program that includes provisions for temporarily and/or permanently modified work. We always take into consideration the state requirements, labor contracts and ADA regulations.

Reserve Adequacy and Currency Assessments

We review your TPA or carrier’s files to ensure the reserves reflected on pending claims are adequate and current. We will ensure that they are neither overstating your exposure nor using “step reserving” practices to provide benefits.

Seminars and Training

We conduct training sessions geared toward educating your management team or select employees in the areas of greatest importance to your company.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • Actions required of your company before, during and following an injury
  • Assisting your managers in recognizing “red flags” and fraudulent claims
  • Review of new Workers’ Compensation Laws and judicial decisions

Our training material will continue to work for you long after the formal seminars.

Vendor Management

We manage your vendors to ensure that they work effectively with your TPA or carrier, as a team, to provide optimum outcomes and cost performance.

Medical Management

We assist with review and implementation of medical panels. We meet with Industrial Clinics to ensure compliance with reporting guidelines. We assist in implementing and making the best selection from any medical state panel.

For our California clients, we also ensure that the TPA or carrier is using ACOEM guidelines and utilization reviews.

Cost Containment

We ensure use of all cost containment programs offered by insurers and various vendors which can substantially reduce the overall medical cost.

Litigation Management

Litigation is a factor that has a substantial impact on claim expenses. We develop instructions for you that are specific to the goals of your company. We ensure that legal work being completed
by law firms is appropriate for your claims , is not duplicative, and is proactive. We analyze and investigate the qualification and experience of all qualified counsel and advise you on selecting the best attorney for your case.

Vocational Rehabilitation

We compare statutory vocational rehabilitation guidelines and ensure that cost effective services are being provided.

Workers’ Compensation Consulting

We work with you as a team to develop innovative solutions for your Workers’ Compensation concerns and to reduce your claim costs.

We believe in the bottom-line results and work with each of our clients individually to develop highly effective solutions for their specific Workers’ Compensation concerns. Our consulting services reduce your expenses by managing litigation, implementing medical cost containment programs, optimizing hiring practices, and controlling your overall risk.

We accomplish this by conducting meticulous audits, performing detailed file reviews with the Third Party Administrator or Carrier, meetings with the employer and any other parties involved in the Workers’ Compensation process.

We develop a customized plan for your company’s work force challenges.

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Jones Act

Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act

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